One Stop Destination for all types of beauty services..

We are one of the best companies offering beauty services. Our USP is great quality service. We have always ensured that our clients do get what they expect from us. Client satisfaction has always been our prime concern. There are lot of features that make us different and a much preferred brand for beautician services. Few of our features are: .

Great infrastructure - We know that clients really like a soothing and relaxing ambiance while having any sort of beauty treatment. It really uplifts the mood and makes them feel good. We have taken care of our clients’ comfort very seriously. Our infrastructure is really good and offers a great comfort and relaxation to our clients. We have air cooled halls with really lively lighting, amazing waiting area, facilities for hot and cold water both for drinking and washing, latest music system and a lot more.

Trained Professionals - All the professionals we have hired are trained and have great body of work. Most of them have worked for several international clients. All the professionals are well versed with beauty and fashion trends..

Branded products and cosmetics - All the products and machines we have in our salons are branded and safe. All the beauty products or cosmetics are branded too and they are validated for their usability before being applied any of our client..

Highest Client Satisfaction rate - Our professionals do listen to the clients and their requirements very carefully. They also take frequent feedback from clients, while serving them. We keep into consideration various factors such as hair texture, skin sensitivity, skin type and tone, etc. before applying any product or recommending any style or suggestion to our clients.

Hygienic surroundings - We lay a great emphasis on keeping the surroundings highly hygienic. As it is what really matters in this industry. All our professionals are well trained and follow the best hygienic practices.

We have extended our beauty services in various countries such as UAE, France, Spain, Japan and Lebanon. We have made our mark globally owing to our best services and highest client satisfaction rate
  • Our Founder

    Our founder Ismail Zen El dine is highly ambitious and hard working person and a great human being. He was born in Lebanon in year 1988. He is pursued his Electrical Engineering degree from Lebanon University. However, he soon realized that he was not born to work as an engineer for some multinational company or any other organization. His dreams were big and ambitions were high. He decided to take risk and follow his passion. Soon after completing his studies, he joined Fashion industry at the age of 19. He was a successful model soon. After doing modelling for 2 years he established a modeling agency in Dubai and then in Beirut. Moving further he decided to take his business to a global level and that is when he looked up to Tokyo. Tokyo is also known as a global fashion hub. Though, it was not easy to establish a business in a country like Japan, but still he didn’t gave up, After working really hard for four years he got success and established his office Roppongi. Since then he never looked back

  • We are always ready for celebrations

    We are blessed to have a great team along with healthy working environment. We celebrate various occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays of our co-workers and it really makes us feel like a family. This feeling of being a part of a family makes our team perform better. They never feel exhausted or tired and this is what results in the best services being offered to our clients.

  • Beauty Services for Celebrities

    We are one of the most preferred choice of celebrities when it comes to beauty services. Our great quality services, trained professionals and use of branded products make us the first choice of celebrities. We care for their time and offer services without any delay. We are aware of their expectations and perfection they demand. We always ensure to serve them in the best possible way.